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A Women’s Health and Wellbeing Kete Volume II

***NEW*** It is a great pleasure to be offering this companion volume : By Isla Burgess and Mary Allan, Viriditas Publishing, 2020. This is now available for PRE-ORDER, it is currently with the Printer and is on track to be delivered by December 15th, 2020. That means if you are in New Zealand it can be sent to you before Christmas. If you are in Australia it may get there in time but you will need to add another $10.00 for postage.. See Blog for details. (incl. P&P) 


A Women’s Health and Wellbeing Kete A DIY Guide

For NZ only.  FOR ALL BOOKS Please contact me if ordering from other countries on NOW AVAILABLE A two hour  visual interactive workshop making preparations in my kitchen. Please add $10.00 if you would like that access. ($20.00 for the video only). Please contact me if you would like to do that.


The Biophilic Garden Connecting People, Plants and Inscape by Isla Burgess

The Planet and the Plants, especially those used in Herbal Medicine, are under threat, mostly due to human activity. My most sincere wish is that this book re-kindles a deep connection with and respect for both.


Weeds Heal A Working Herbal by Isla Burgess

“This is one of our favourite books. This book is unique in that it offers a skill. Isla unveils a process which invites the reader to connect with their senses in order to explore how plants can be applied for food and medicine. Empowering, amazing photos.” Linda Conroy, Moonwise Herbs, Wisconsin, USA


NOW AVAILABLE An audio discussion between Isla Burgess and Linda Conroy on the subject of ‘Biophilia’ and related topics.  For access please add $10.00 to either ‘The Biophilic Garden’ or ‘Weeds Heal A Working Herbal’, book order or $20.00 on its own. 

Please contact me if you would like to do that.