Viriditas Courses

The following courses are offered at ‘Viriditas’ each year.

First Option

  • The Traditions, Art and Science of Herbal Medicine’, a six month, one weekend a month course begins each October with Isla Burgess

Viriditas, Centre for Plant Directed Learning and Participatory Science 2019/20

Begins October 12th and 13th 2019 with

‘Plant Immersion’ Developing The Plant/Person Relationship in Healing 

About the course It is a unique participatory, grass roots, immensely practical course that is a combination of knowledge and wisdom gained over 40 years exploration of the plants we use as medicine.

To register

Please contact Isla on for enrolment details, dates and costs

Book early 7 Participants only.

NB: This is now full for 2019/20, if you would like to pre-register for 2020/21 let me know.

A pre-course progress payment plan is available just ask.


4 day ‘Plant Immersion’ retreat January 31st to Feb 3rd 2020.

Plant Immersion, Incubation and Inspiration

4 day Viriditas Intensive 2020, with Isla Burgess

Central Otago, New Zealand

Practical, Participatory, Transformational, Experiential

The Viriditas garden near Wanaka has 150 medicinal plants growing.

This intensive will immerse you into their world.

For more information and to register your interest, please contact Isla on

This is an independent event with no corporate sponsorship or product focus

Please email me for further information about these courses and more.



Therapeutic Issues in Women’s Health 1-3

The teenage experience, the menstruating mysteries, the menopausal mayhem and ageing challenges. What amazing depth and detail there is to discover about a woman’s life. That takes more time than most courses I have seen, offer.

The depth and detail is what this course in Three parts is about. It includes my accumulative experience both clinically AND as a researcher for more years than I wish to acknowledge.  It is a distance learning course

The Three Parts can be enrolled for and studied separately in your own time (within reason).

For course details Please contact me on


***One off Event at Viriditas***

Following on from Roland Playle’s (from Scotland) visit in November 2018 (Collaborative process Inquiry – Changing the healing relationship)

He will be returning in Mid-March 2020 with Two Workshops being offered. WE will be launching the Aoteoroa Centre for Phenomenological Plant Research (APRR) to develop a way ahead for participants.

Roland Playle has spent many years studying Collaborative Process with both Alan Kaplan  (Reading the Nature of process from a Process of nature- South Africa) and Dr Craig Holdrege of the Nature Institute (US).

The details are still evolving BUT please contact me for updates on